Saturday, April 19

Sexual / Physical Abuse by Clergy

A week after our Gozitan bishop apologized to the men and women who were physically abused by Dominican Sisters in Lourdes home when they were kids, the Pope called sexual and physical abuse by members of the clergy "a deep shame". All well and good...

Well, that's if you've forgotten that:

Pope 'obstructed' sex abuse inquiry: Confidential letter reveals Ratzinger ordered bishops to keep allegations secret.

Does the Pope think we forgot about that letter he sent to all bishops when he was still a Cardinal in May 2001? In the letter he referred to a 1962 Church law which describes a mandatory condition of secrecy for both the perpetrators and victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests. The Pope had reminded bishops that, according to that law, clergymen who speak out will be excommunicated, and victims who make a complaint to Church officials must take an oath of secrecy.

Pope Benedict's letter clearly shows the 46-year-old instruction was in force in 2001. It might still be in full force today while the Pope is busy apologizing to victims of sexual abuse by clergymen in the US.

UPDATE: those infamous Maltese nuns seem to be following the 1962 instructions alla lettera.


La delirante said...

Have you seen "The Magdalene Sisters"? Really shocking.


Haven't seen the film, but I remember looking up the Magdalene Asylum 2 years ago when some Maltese columnist mentioned it in an article about Lourdes home.

keBo said...

Seems like the catholic church has become the ultimate refuge (after Islam's marriages between 8-year olds) for pedophiles and sexual maniacs.