Friday, May 16

Something in return for nothing

Why do some people expect something in return for nothing? You know who I'm talking about: egoistic folks who never do shit for you but expect you to do shit for them. Not 'would like' you to, expect you to.

It may be a politician who expects people to vote for him even though he didn't do jackshit in the 5 years he had a seat in parliament.

It could be an employer who expects underpaid employees to work after hours regularly free of charge, and/or expects them to work there forever.

Or an ex-friend who backstabbed you and demands forgiveness from you so that he/she can stop feeling guilty.

And so on.

I've met a bunch of people like that throughout the years. I never managed to figure out why they are suprised when you turn them down. What?! You're not going to bend over backwards for me? Why the hell not? I can accept them being self-centered, nobody's perfect, but why do they get pissed off when you don't give in to their demands? Nobody wants to be a slave, a flunky, or a doormat. Don't they know this?

I guess they don't.


La delirante said...

It can also happen with family members. I never allowed that to happen to me. I send them to hell if they try to see me as a doormat (uncles, cousins, etc.) When I couldn't stand my parents anymore I just took a bag and left. I started to rent and though it was tough (freedom is expensive) I felt more at peace. Anyway, as I told a friend of mine lately, don't let anyone make you feel bad or use you.

Anonymous said...

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