Wednesday, June 25

Wages vis-a-vis Productivity

Yesterday on Bondiplus, Joseph Farrugia of the Malta Employers Association said you cannot expect wages to rise just because the prices of food and oil are rising at rates never seen before; employees have to be paid solely according to their productivity.

He's absolutely right of course.

However, employees are NOT paid according to their productivity in Malta. As a result every minute increase in prices is felt twofold or threefold by the employee. Therefore, whereas employers obviously cannot be blamed for the rising costs, they have to shoulder some of the blame for Malta having such a high cost of living, which makes it so goddamn hard for employees to make ends meet now, let alone next year when oil will cost $250 per barrel.

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Red said...

As I often like to say, the average employer is not going to give a damn about the general welfare of his/her employees. As long as you reach the minimal standards of welfare to provide as much work as possible, a typical employer will not bother about increasing a person's salary in order to see an employee living a much better life. The typical employer is aware that every extra penny given to an employee is a penny less for himself/herself to buy that next yacht/apartment/Mercedes car... :)