Friday, November 7

Salary Raises in Malta

A lot of people in this country don't realize how important a job interview is vis-a-vis future salary. Can you believe I worked for a company where often a new employee would say he/she took the job without knowing what the salary was?

Salaries in Malta aren't only about what you're getting paid to do the job now, but also about what you're EVER going to get paid, period. Unless you get a promotion, your salary will stay the same. So when you're being interviewed, you better negotiate and get the best deal possible, because you're gonna be stuck with it forever.

To beat the system you have to work for one of the handful of foreign companies based here. They treat their employees right. Their employees enjoy working there. Their employees are motivated, more effective and efficient. As a result they make the company earn more money. But you cannot expect Maltese employers to know that, can you?

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La Delirante said...

I work for a British company and the working conditions are great. I have heard that Maltese companies don't offer very good working conditions. I dread low salaries, having to stay over time (unpaid), difficult and extremely competitive colleagues...all these things lead to unmotivated staff, high turn over of staff and inefficient employees too which make an inefficient company.