Thursday, January 20

China in the mediterranean

as appeared in The Times of Malta 20/01/2011

Promotion of civil rights and popular dissent

Two years ago Unifaun was forbidden by the authorities to perform a controversial theatre play. Last year, a couple of students were put on trial for writing and publishing a short story about a sexist individual. Last week, some classics by D.H. Lawrence and Voltaire were banned from secondary school libraries and TV programme VIP Xow (by comedy troupe Zoo) was axed from TVM for its satirical nature. Artists are not allowed to exhibit paintings that contain nudity and wearing carnival costumes that make fun of politicians will land you in jail.

One has to ask: What’s next?

Telling us what to think has now evolved into telling us what to say and do. This catastrophe can only stop when ultra-conservatives will cease to be afraid of people who are different from themselves. These bigots perceive such people as unpredictable and fight their fears by imposing their beliefs and rules upon everyone.

Force this equality to take away freedom from thy fellow neighbour and you have weaker antagonists for generations to come. Hence, the reason why we are an object of ridicule all around the world for not having introduced divorce yet. We should be in the streets shouting “I’m mad as hell and I won’t take this anymore!” but, instead, we allow anyone and everyone to stomp on our civil rights as the country falls deeper into disgrace. What will it take?

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