Wednesday, November 30

The Pussification of the World

I keep meeting people who do not know what being "liberal" is all about. Personally, I want women, homosexuals, people from all races and creeds, divorcees, and so on to have equal rights. In certain circles that makes me somewhat liberal.

But that does not mean I have to absolutely love everyone like Barney the fucking Dinosaur with his politically correct, ethnically diverse friends. Being liberal also includes letting people be at liberty to think and say whatever they want (within reason). If a grumpy old man believes in equality of the sexes yet dislikes women in general, that does not make him conservative. Since when does “liking” have anything to do with it? I find no problem with people attending hedonistic bunga-bunga parties, but this does not mean I have to partake, or even like the people who do.

Like a ship without sails, we continue to drift towards exaggerated political correctness because society tells us to. Where is the freedom, the liberty in that? So much so that a liberal is already being confused with a “bleeding-heart liberal” who takes hobos into his house to show that he cares about their plight. They are not one and the same - the line between the two is not blurry. You can stay liberal without following blindly all this political correctness bullshit. All you need is a brain of your own.

At this rate, I will soon be considered conservative by society’s sheeple. That just means I did not keep up with the pussification of the world.

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