Tuesday, February 28

The beginning of the end

In 1950 the world population was less than 3 billion. Now it exceeds 7 billion. The human race continues to grow exponentially because of economic and scientific progress. Resource-wise this is a problem in itself; that we are intent on raping the planet to make a buck does not help one bit.

Every few years top scientists from all over the world reconvene to discuss the usage of resources and evaluate the sustainability of future demand. This is always followed by the introduction of new regulations and taxes as deterrents for over-usage. Let me rephrase that, individuals and small companies get taxed to become more efficient, while massive companies like Halliburton and oil corporations are allowed to pillage the Earth undisturbed. Scientists met in the late 1990s, in the early 2000s, in the early 2010s. Rules and taxes were introduced, but according to them the expiry date of the human race remained 2050. Hence, this method is not having the desired effect with regards to self-preservation, but it works wonders to fill the governments' pockets.

The system is way too corrupt to be fixed in time. 'Too many' people are born and it takes them 'too long' to croak. I am afraid the powers that be would be willing to change that. I would rather not think of why governments have authorized sodium fluoride in toothpaste, aspartame in diet sodas, ammonia in meat, and so on given that they weaken the immune system and give cancer - which by the way went up 3000% in the last few decades.

Life as we know it will change drastically. We will wake up to this when the world runs out of crude oil, which cannot be more than a few years from now since we are well past peak oil extraction. But will it happen before we can completely rely on other forms of energy, preferably clean and renewable? Vehicles will not run on oil, but how will they be produced if it currently takes 1000+ gallons of oil to build one car and 8 gallons to produce a single tyre out of natural rubber? And have we forgotten that plastic is an oil extract? When was the last time you were in a car, or a room for that matter, totally devoid of plastic or plastic paint? No more crude oil, no more plastic - back to wood, metal, and glass.

Next on the list will be water. Oil barons like T. Boone Pickens have already turned to buying up land encompassing fresh water lakes to make a pretty penny off thy fellow man once the shortage worsens.

There are solutions, but they will not be implemented until every dollar is milked out of the cash cows owned by the puppet-masters. If we were a better race, it would not be the beginning of the end but, alas.

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