Wednesday, December 14

Older, but not necessarily wiser

They used to say "older, but wiser". Nowadays, this is only the case if one chooses to. Almost everyone is now plugged into the net. Information is much more readily accessible than it was back in the day. Saying "I'm not into current affairs" or "politics is not my thing" won’t win you any sympathy. As I’ve said before, no-one has the right to be ignorant anymore. Thankfully, fewer people are.

The previous generations have to accept the fact that they can’t speak condescendingly to us solely on account of age difference. I use the word “us” as it still happens to me even though I am 30 years old. Not everyone chooses to rot his brain keeping up with the Kardashians. It is infuriating when someone assumes you don’t know something simply because you're younger or because it happened years ago. Was it documented? Then everyone is only a mouse-click away from learning about it.

Older people perceive us as a rebellious generation that behaves that way just for kicks. The truth is that with more information at our disposal it is far easier to discern when someone is feeding us bullshit. There’s only so much of that one can take before starting to despise its source. This explains my generation’s general lack of trust and respect towards authorities and governments. Therefore, something older people think is based on stupidity actually stems from intelligence.

Back in the day getting somewhere thanks to friendships and masonry was considered something to be proud of. It was a time when that was the only way to achieve certain goals or get certain things done. Times have changed - with a level playing field, we know we can get there on our own. We can’t be impressed when you choose to get preferential treatment when it isn't absolutely necessary. How can we respect that you’re rigging the game, searching for the easy way out? Don’t mistake it for envy... it's disgust we feel.

So, dear older people, it might seem like we "act like rebels” because we think “we know it all” but here's the thing: we know a hell of a lot more than you did when you were our age. You're wiser than you were, but not necessarily wiser than we are. So, pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top stop talking down to us as if we were retarded kids.

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