Sunday, February 12

Make way for the Thought Police

Those who pull society's strings do not care about white people, asian people, black people, and what not. The only colour they care about is dollar-green. As Tony Montana said, "You gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power."

The puppet-masters want to keep the people stupid. It is not people they need, but robots who can keep their money machines rolling. Unfortunately, people are more than happy to be told what to do and what to think. To form an opinion one must gather information, process it, to then make up his own mind. This takes time and people tend to be too busy or too lazy to bother – they find it much easier to repeat someone else's opinion. Thus, due to human nature, society's mediatic power starts with a favourable handicap. When we are too young to know better we are told what society thinks is right and what society thinks is wrong and we follow suit. We are told that cursing is not etiquette, that religion is necessary to become a decent person, that being gay is a mental illness, that sunbathing topless is shockingly rude; the list is endless. By the time our formative years are over we have already formed opinions by forgoing any thought process whatsoever. This can only mean that society has a Thought Police that is alive and well; it is simply better camouflaged than you would expect it to be. You will not get Nineteen Eighty-Four's O'Brien raise his hand and ask, "If the Party says that it is not four but five, then how many?" No, they will indoctrinate you when you are young and watch you turn into a sheep as you grow older.

When simple brainwashing methods do not suffice, individuals can be tweaked into being more obedient. LSD was prescribed by doctors who spoke highly of it until it was made illegal. Zero people are killed each year by marijuana, while prescription drugs (including Xanax, Oxycontin, and Vicodin) kill 150,000 each year in the US alone - yet guess which one of them was deemed dangerous and made illegal? The obvious pattern shows that drugs that open your mind = ILLEGAL, whereas drugs that numb you down and dumb you down and make you easier to control = LEGAL. If the powers that be interfere with how we think and what we do about trivial matters, how far would they go for issues that are much closer to their pockets?

The whole nine yards is the correct answer. Josef Goebbels used to say, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” The USA had to get into WWI to protect J.P. Morgan's investments, but its people were not having any of it, so the RMS Lusitania was sent on a suicide voyage. When the USA wanted to join WWII, it did its best to piss off Japan, then left Pearl Harbor unguarded. When the USA wanted to take over a bunch of oil, lithium, and opium rich middle-eastern countries and also wanted its citizens to swallow the Patriot Act, it made NORAD stand down when half a dozen passenger jets were hijacked. After every single one of these events, the population was quick to flip-flop and join the Government's bandwagon, just like the German citizens were quick to support the Nazi Party when the Nazis themselves torched their own Reichstag building.

It is plain to see that the fragility of the human mind was studied in depth to be later abused of. What we are now left with is a society that is closer to a robot factory than anything else. At this point one has to ask: why care about society anymore?

One need not be particularly bright to understand that people all over the world are lied to by their Governments on a daily basis. If the USA’s Secretary of State lets herself be broadcast on television showing how upset she is that people got sick of hearing the mainstream media's lies, it must truly mean that more and more people are becoming immune to thought control. Just recently SOPA was mostly nipped in the bud and it looks like ACTA is heading that way too. We have to break free from these chains before it is too late. We are still in time.

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