Monday, February 20

Your job sucks

Back in the 1970s, when it was clear that computers would soon help almost everyone in their life at work, most people wrongly assumed employers and corporations were happy with the profit they were making at the time, and that the end of the five-day-work-week was nigh. It was their rude awakening into the capitalist world.

This is where you would expect me to discuss capitalism. Instead, I am going to embark on a rant and point out that 35 years ago people wanted a way out of work. People might have been naive and optimistic as hell, but society had not made them swallow the employment pill with a smile. They did not suffer from today's politically correct bullshit about needing a job that fulfills your life purpose and yadda-yadda-yadda. Naturally, one tries to milk every drop of satisfaction out of work, but it is still and will remain work. Make no mistake: you are a robot. We all are, but let us not be happy about it! The most common deathbed confession is still: I wish I had not worked so hard.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, bores me quicker than someone who goes into great length to explain what a great job he has doing something which sounds totally pedestrian. Chances are that you are not a firefighter who runs into buildings when everyone else is running out. If you are, kudos. If you are not: it is a JOB, do you not get it? They call it wage slavery - you rent yourself out in order to survive. You are a couple of steps up from a street-whore, congrats. Still, if you are doing it for money, it is not fun, honey.

Recently both of my parents retired almost simultaneously - that way they can enjoy being pensioners together. Not a single person I told sounded enthusiastic. No, you see, society's fangs are sunk in waaay too deep. What I get, ad nauseum, is "Have they gotten bored yet without work to do?" Lemme see, doing as you please as opposed to working 8 hours a day, whiling your life away? Oooh, that is a tough one.

I will take boredom every time. The boredom that comes with travelling, reading new books, going out in the countryside, listening to music, meeting people, snapping photos, watching movies you have not seen before, etc. That is the boredom that comes with freedom.

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